Ua National Service Agreement

The Mechanical Services Contractors of America (MSCA) manages and negotiates the agreement on behalf of contractors who qualify and become signatories. The MSCA does not hold the bargaining rights of a contracting contractor – each contractor must seek the agreement directly with the United Association and sign the agreement directly with the AU. After signing, a signed contractor does not automatically become a member of the MSCA, but is considered a signatory and provides additional information on how to become a full member. MSCA is a lawyer for all signatory contractors who provide advice, recommendations and representations in the event of questions or complaints. The MSCA works with local contractors and oversight committees in the development of Schedule A`s. Signatory contractors are required to moderate MSCA with the current rate of US$0.07 per man`s hour for all hours worked under the agreement. This includes all work done by all classifications of service workers, both within their own local unions and in other jurisdictions. If such payments are not made, this may lead to the termination of an employer`s national contract. Maintaining a national agreement requires at least 4,000 hours of work per year. Payments to MSCA are complementary and are not paid to other local, local or industry-standardizing funds.

Wages and all contributions or deductions for ancillary plans or funds, union dues, leave, leave, sick pay, the International Training Fund (ITF) and Industry Promotion Funds are paid at the rate set out in the local agreement that covers the service, or as outlined in Calendar A for that jurisdiction. In the event of a conflict between the local agreement and the national agreement, the national agreement prevails. Signatory employers are not required to sign local service agreements, but may be asked to sign the local trust agreement. The current economic climate has motivated companies to reassess operating expenses. Many of these companies find that the allocation of subcontracting facilities to service companies allows them to eliminate their internal workforce, as well as all the headaches associated with maintaining this workforce and to realize significant savings. The national agreement gives contractors the tools to adapt an agreement for a given building to the needs of facility management.

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