Veterans Affairs Interagency Agreement

(b) any proposed intergovernmental agreement on VA`s external facilities with another federal authority, under the control of economic law, which includes planned expenditures of $250,000 or more in VA appropriations. A TERRAIN contract agent or contract agent at the National Acquisition Centre or the Denver Acquisition and Logistics Centre may sign an inter-institutional agreement if the dollar threshold is within the contract agent`s warranty limit. Although the Ministry of Health, Education and Welfare no longer exists, designation agreements and agreements are still in place, as the new agencies have adopted delegation agreements. Inter-institutional Agreements – This page contains the archives of the Inter-Institutional Agreements for The Title VI and the Agreement (MOU). These agreements differ depending on their scope and purpose, from agreement to the implementation of an agency`s compliance functions under Title VI and enforcement tasks to other entities at the federal level, through a proposed approach. Inter-institutional agreements are useful instruments to facilitate better coordination between agencies with common beneficiaries or specific specialties and can lead to a more coherent and effective application of Title VI. (a) Any proposal for an inter-institutional agreement between VA Central Office and another federal authority under the control of economic law, regardless of the value of the dollar. For the VA central office, only the DSPE or the beneficiary of the DSPE can sign an inter-institutional agreement. Contract agents or other staff members must ask Acquisition Operations Service staff for a technical check of the following documents: Select an agency below to view the provisions of Title VI and Title IX, as well as program statutes, regulations and/or instructions. Bundesagentur B-rgerrechtsverpflichtungen – More than 28 federal authorities have statutes, regulations and/or guidelines, which impose civil rights obligations on the beneficiaries of federal financial aid of these agencies.

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