Bus Contract Agreement

3.1 Prices are based on current and published rates and exchange rates. In case of price change due to circumstances beyond Scandlines` control. Scandlines reserves the right to change rates. These changes are communicated with 14 days` notice. Before changing the list prices, Scandlines will issue the contractor either a price sheet or a newsletter. Information on valid catalog prices can be found on the Scandlines homepage. 3.2 Prices include the crossing of the contractor`s bus, all passengers and the driver. Prices do not include VAT, the fuel surcharge and the GREEN INVESTMENT RATE (GIR), with the exception of the Eresund ticket, which includes VAT for the Eresund Bridge. 3.3 Scandline billing is based on current rates minus potential discounts. The potential rebate is granted to Scandlines on the basis of the criteria applicable to the relevant market segment on the basis of last calendar year`s gross revenue per trip, or, as for new customers, the potential reduction is based on the gross revenue expected per trip for the calendar year.

3.4 Billing is based on bookings made by the contractor. The conditions of cancellation are the conditions of Article 6 in these transport conditions. 3.5 The billing frequency is weekly and the invoice is sent electronically. When paper invoices are presented, each invoice is charged an administration fee of 10.00 euros (plus VAT). 3.6 The contractor is required to keep Scandlines Deutschland GmbH informed of the correct billing email address. 1.1 These terms and conditions of the contract relate to the transportation of ferry services in the defined market segment. 1.2 In entering into this contract, the contractor also agrees that Scandlines and the companies associated with Scandlines send newsletters to the contractor using their email address indicated in this agreement. These newsletters may contain. B information on prices, bunker surcharges, schedule changes or important offers for the contractor. However, the customer can revoke his consent to send these newsletters at any time by notifying Scandlines. 10.1 This surrender agreement assumes that the terms of Article 3.3 are met for the duration of this contract 10.2 If the terms of Article 10.1 are no longer met, Scandlines may terminate this surrender contract with the contractor without further announcement and, if necessary, propose a new surrender contract.

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