Cnm Unm Transfer Agreement

This workshop is for NJC students who are handling the above-mentioned subjects, who are thinking of moving to a UNM and who are about to be transferred in one or two semesters (30 to 60 transferable credits). We will communicate how and when you apply, how you transfer your transcripts from CNM, interact with a SENIOR UNMG advisor and receive financial support to participate in important activities, learning and tutoring as part of the Mellon Transfer partnership. Most importantly, we share with you the people and resources that can help you make your transfer from CNM to UNM as smooth as possible! Maximize what you`ve already learned. Participate in special events only for transfer students and learn how to apply your credits and skills to academic, internship and career opportunities. Become Lobo NavigatorAttend 3 of the 4 sessions to become a Lobo navigator and help other students through the transfer process! The humanities of the NM now! The transfer program is open to all humanities majors transferred from CNM to UNM. To reach you, email Danielle at to start the process. Please indicate in your email: ENMU currently has agreements with Amarillo College, CNM-Albuquerque, Clovis Community College, ENMU-Roswell and ENMU-Ruidoso for a variety of programs. This means that your credits are transferred and you can earn your license if you are transferred by one of these institutions without losing your price credits to the transfer process. Knowing how your course credits are transferred by the institutions you have visited before to UNM is an important part of planning your UNM diploma.

A formal evaluation is completed as soon as you apply for studies. In the meantime, the UNM Transfer Equivalency System (TES) can help you determine how your course work can be entrusted to other institutions and used as part of your UNM diploma. The following instructions will help you verify individual course equivalencies and establish a list of your courses and their UNM equivalents: they are compared to a mentor during transmission. Your mentor is a PhD student at UNM, either with a master`s degree or a doctorate, and he was most likely a transfer student from a community college to a 4-year-old university, just like you! They can give you tips for navigating the UNM system, and they have the inner shovel on the internship and research opportunities with the UNM faculty. Gerardo Martinez Lunagmtz@unm.eduCNM at UNM Transfer Admissions CoordinatorGerardo can help you move from CNM to UNM – admission requirements, financial assistance and scholarships, STUDENT assistance centre at UNM, etc. Whether you are a new student in CFFCC, broadcast or recurring, the application and transfer process is the same for everyone. You must request official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have already visited. With your transcripts, we can advise you on the courses you will take and the courses that will best help you achieve your goals.

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